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Find out what other customers are saying about their experience with Blue Ridge Properties!

Todd and Paige Strickland


Todd and Paige Strickland   |   Agent: B. J. Walsh

Aaron Maness

Happy Clients!!

Aaron Maness   |   Agent: Linda Robinson

Mike and Kelly Ranson

Teresa Myers was great!

Mike and Kelly Ranson   |   Agent: Teresa Myers

Bob and Carolyn Mayse


Bob and Carolyn Mayse   |   Agent: Patti Burton

Jerry and Kathryn Case


Jerry and Kathryn Case   |   Agent:

Zack and Sarah Fleming

Happy Customers!

Zack and Sarah Fleming   |   Agent: Colette George

Scott and Judy Miller

Mary Copeland was great!

Scott and Judy Miller   |   Agent: Mary Copeland

Randy and Gail Johnson


Randy and Gail Johnson   |   Agent: Mary Copeland

Ronnie and Patsy Vaughn


Ronnie and Patsy Vaughn   |   Agent: Mary Copeland

Brian and Kelly Fugate

Brian and Kelly Love their new home!

Brian and Kelly Fugate   |   Agent: Connie Strickland

Lucas and Sarah Henderson

Happy Customers!

Lucas and Sarah Henderson   |   Agent: Jane Thornton

Alice Canter


Alice Canter   |   Agent: Linda Robinson

Chase and Jordan Walsh


Chase and Jordan Walsh   |   Agent: B. J. Walsh

Barbara Stidham


Barbara Stidham   |   Agent: Linda Robinson

Jenny Taylor

Thank You Jane Thornton!!

Jenny Taylor   |   Agent: Jane Thornton

Steven and Savanna McDavid

Happy Customers!

Steven and Savanna McDavid   |   Agent:

Jody & Mandy Flanary

Linda Robinson and Blue Ridge are great!

Jody & Mandy Flanary   |   Agent: Linda Robinson

Casey & Ashley Ford

Teresa Myers is a wonderful realtor! She made the process of buying our first house easier than I thought possible.

Casey & Ashley Ford   |   Agent: Teresa Myers

I've Got the Keys!! (Jane Thornton)

  |   Agent: Jane Thornton

Ron and Elizabeth Burns

Loved Mary Copeland!

Ron and Elizabeth Burns   |   Agent: Mary Copeland

Billy and Elaine Riner


Billy and Elaine Riner   |   Agent: Linda Robinson

Chad and Allison Arnold


Chad and Allison Arnold   |   Agent: Patti Burton

Frank and Patsy Brimelow

Mary Copeland was great!

Frank and Patsy Brimelow   |   Agent: Mary Copeland

Jonathan Williams


Jonathan Williams   |   Agent: Mary Copeland

Tim and Viorica Steadman


Tim and Viorica Steadman   |   Agent: Linda Robinson

Guy Steinmetz

Both Sissy and BJ did an exceptional job of communicating and selling my house.

Guy Steinmetz   |   Agent: Sissy Hopson

Cassie & Will Hudson

Thanks Ginger & Blue Ridge for a providing us with a great experience in purchasing our first home!!

Cassie & Will Hudson   |   Agent:

Kimmie Cox


Kimmie Cox   |   Agent: B. J. Walsh

Mr. and. Mrs. Mark Mullins

Proud New Owners!!

Mr. and. Mrs. Mark Mullins   |   Agent: Teresa Myers

James and Donna Roope


James and Donna Roope   |   Agent: Linda Robinson

Jason and Caroline Williams


Jason and Caroline Williams   |   Agent: Patti Burton

Josh and Corrie Lane

Larissa Way was great!

Josh and Corrie Lane   |   Agent:

Marty and Jenny McCloud


Marty and Jenny McCloud   |   Agent: B. J. Walsh

Kalista Rutledge


Kalista Rutledge   |   Agent: Patti Burton

Scott and Amber Butler

Happy Customers!

Scott and Amber Butler   |   Agent: Colette George

Ralph and Harriette Struck


Ralph and Harriette Struck   |   Agent: Mary Copeland

Ashley Cooper

So today seemed like a good day to buy a house.... Yay! I'm a proud homeowner again!

Ashley Cooper   |   Agent: Colette George

Daniel and Erin Cassel


Daniel and Erin Cassel   |   Agent: Patti Burton

Mike and Karen Ballard


Mike and Karen Ballard   |   Agent: Patti Burton

Robert and Vickie Salisbury

Happy Customers!

Robert and Vickie Salisbury   |   Agent: Nathan George

Daniel and Megan Campbell

Jane Thornton was great!

Daniel and Megan Campbell   |   Agent: Jane Thornton

Adam Webb

Happy Clients!

Adam Webb   |   Agent: Patti Burton

Nick Bowen and Kayla Dockery

"Amazing, on the spot every single time! Made everything quick and easy for us"!

Nick Bowen and Kayla Dockery   |   Agent: Eric Baker

Dennis and Claudette Manson


Dennis and Claudette Manson   |   Agent: Mary Copeland

Angela, Jason and Abby Lester


Angela, Jason and Abby Lester   |   Agent: Allison Stewart

Jeff Harkelroad

Happy Client!

Jeff Harkelroad   |   Agent: Linda Robinson

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