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Blue Ridge Properties has compiled this list of tips to help with all of your real estate needs from staging and styling to sell your home fast to ensuring you get the best deal as a home buyer:

Graduate with Less Debt

According to statistics from the U. S. Department of Education, the amount of federal student loans in the 2008-2009 academic year grew about 25 percent, to $75 billion. While there is no substitute for a quality education, but with spiraling college costs, many graduates find themselves heavily in debt. Here are some ways to lesson college expenses:
* Do your research. Most federal student loans offer fixed interest rates and better repayment options than private loans. Shop around and read the terms of any loan carefully before signing.
* Get a job on campus. Some colleges offer room and board for reduced rates if you are employed on campus. Check into working as a resident assistant, in the cafeteria or bookstore or as a tutor to help assuage some of the costs.
* Stick to a four year plan. Low graduation rates can make it difficult to register for necessary classes which can delay graduation, so be sure to check this when deciding on a school.
* Use a debit card instead of ringing up credit card debt. Using a debit card that is linked to your student checking account will prevent spending more than you can afford. Credit experts advise that you should wait until your senior year to obtain a credit card.

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