How Does Saved Listings Work?

To save a listing to your list of favorites, click into the listing you're interested in and simply click the "Save Listing" button from the listing details page.

You have now saved your listing!

To view your saved listings, click on the top " Saved Listings" link at the top of the screen near the menu. Save as many as you want and catalog them with this easy-to-use feature!

This feature works by storing an HTTP cookie on your machine to store and retrieve your list of favorites. To clear all favorite listings, simply clear out your browser's cookies (under the browser's settings).

Real Estate Tips

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From Fatigued to Fabulous

With hectic schedules, many people suffer from fatigue, but there are lots of little tricks that can help pump up your energy levels.
Here are just a few:
* Take deep breaths. Oxygen moving through your bloodstream invigorates cells and makes you feel more energetic. Take a few minutes to breathe deeply or better yet, get up and move around.
* Pump up the protein. What you eat certainly affects how you feel, so for maximum vitality, cut back on carbs and pick high-protein foods like eggs, dairy products, vegetables and fish.
* Unplug. Overstimulation through technological devices like your cell phone, television and computer can contribute to feeling tired. Set aside time for yourself to take a tech-free break.
* Get the right light. Unless you spend a lot of time outdoors, you're probably not getting enough sunlight each day. Increase your exposure to sunlight by opening window blinds or using "natural" light bulbs with blue light.