How Does Saved Listings Work?

To save a listing to your list of favorites, click into the listing you're interested in and simply click the "Save Listing" button from the listing details page.

You have now saved your listing!

To view your saved listings, click on the top " Saved Listings" link at the top of the screen near the menu. Save as many as you want and catalog them with this easy-to-use feature!

This feature works by storing an HTTP cookie on your machine to store and retrieve your list of favorites. To clear all favorite listings, simply clear out your browser's cookies (under the browser's settings).

Real Estate Tips

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It's A Breeze

A ceiling fan is an energy-efficient way to cool your home (and reversible fans will also help circulate heat in the winter).* There are many types, sizes and styles of ceiling fans available, but when shopping keep these tips in mind:
A ceiling fan should be proportional to the rest of your room, so begin by measuring your room. To calculate the square feet of your room, multiply the length of your room by the width.
Next look at the blade span (the distance from one blade tip to the opposite blade tip or overall diameter of a fan's blades while in motion).
Room Size - Under 110 sq. ft., Blade Span - 42" and smaller; Room Size - 110 sq. ft. to 150 sq. ft., Blade Span - 44" to 50"; Room Size - 150 sq. ft. to 300 sq. ft., Blade Span - 52" to 60"; Room Size - 300 sq. ft. to 450 sq. ft., Blade Span - 62" to 72" or two smaller fans; Room Size - Over 450 sq. ft., Blade Span - 74" and larger or two smaller fans
Also consider CFM (the airflow circulated by the ceiling fan measured by Cubic Feet per Minute).
Room Size - 250 sq. ft. to 650 sq. ft., CFM - 10,000 +; Room Size - 250 sq. ft. to 600 sq. ft., CFM - 9,000 to 9,999; Room Size - 225 sq. ft. to 500 sq. ft., CFM - 8,000 to 8,999; Room Size - 200 sq. ft. to 400 sq. ft., CFM - 7,000 to 7,999; Room Size - 150 sq. ft. to 300 sq. ft., CFM - 6,000 to 6,999; Room Size - 125 sq. ft. to 250 sq. ft., CFM - 5,000 to 5,999; Room Size - 100 sq. ft. to 200 sq. ft., CFM - 4,000 to 4,999; Room Size - 75 sq. ft. to 120 sq. ft., CFM - 3,000 to 3,999; Room Size - 75 sq. ft. to 100 sq. ft., CFM - 2,000 to 2,999; Room Size - 50 sq. ft. to 60 sq. ft., CFM - Less than 2,000.
*In summer months your ceiling fan should turn forward/counter clockwise. This rotation creates a downward airflow which creates a wind chill effect making you feel cooler and helping you to save up to 40 percent on air conditioning costs. In the wintertime, switch the fan direction to reverse/clockwise
and turn on low. This will re-circulate the warmer air that is trapped near the ceiling down to the floor level and lower your energy usage by an average of 15 percent.