How Does Saved Listings Work?

To save a listing to your list of favorites, click into the listing you're interested in and simply click the "Save Listing" button from the listing details page.

You have now saved your listing!

To view your saved listings, click on the top " Saved Listings" link at the top of the screen near the menu. Save as many as you want and catalog them with this easy-to-use feature!

Real Estate Tips

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4 Quick Tips for Prepping a Home for Sale

Real estate pro and stager Barb Schwarz, founder of the International Association of Home Staging Professionals, recommends some of the following general staging tips in prepping homes for sale.
1. Super Clean. Make the house shine from top to bottom. Don't forget about cleaning the carpet, draperies, and windows, too.
2. Clear the Clutter and Unload Some Furniture. Remove unnecessary items from countertops, bathtubs, and shower stalls - areas that often attract the most clutter. Keep only the necessities. A decluttered home helps buyers mentally "move in" with their own things. You may need to rearrange or remove furniture. Pieces that crowd a space can make it look smaller than it really is.
3. Prep Your Landscaping. Check gutters and roof for dry rot and moss, and ensure they are clean. Examine all plants: Prune bushes and trees, make sure no plants are blocking windows, remove any dead plants, and keep the lawn freshly mowed.
4. Add Nice Touches. Coordinate towels in the bathroom in one or two colors only. Keep accessories restricted to groups of one, three or five items. Make sure all lights and lamps are on for showings, and set an inviting mood: have soft background music turned on (such as light FM music).