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Real Estate Tips

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Selling Your Home In Autumn

This Saturday marks the official first day of fall, and while the temperature may be cooling down, the real estate market is not. Historically, spring has always been the best time to sell a home, but fall has been catching up in recent years. If you're selling a home this autumn, here are some tips to help you take advantage of the fall real estate market.

Turn on the Lights

As the days get shorter, the sun sets earlier, and the shadows get wider – the house gets darker. Lighting is a vital aspect of a well-staged home. Ensure that the blinds and drapes are open on every window. Turn on every light in the house (even closet lights). Place additional lamps in rooms that need an extra spark, and you may even want to consider installing some landscape lighting in the yard.

Rake the Leaves

Speaking of the yard, you may have to give it some extra love and care as fall rolls in. The aesthetic of falling leaves is nice, but don’t let them pile up in your yard or on your sidewalks. Not only can this be visually unappealing, but wet leaves on concrete create a nasty slipping hazard, and dead leaves in the yard can kill your grass. Additionally, don’t forget to trim away dead vegetation left over from summer.

Decorate with Autumn Accents

Pumpkins and pinecones and nuts, oh my! Update the wreath on your front door. Create a fall-inspired centerpiece for your table. Adjust your general color scheme to reflect the natural colors of fall like shades of deep reds and oranges. Swap out your decorative pillows for ones that match that color scheme, and add a throw blanket or quilt to the back of a chair to maximize coziness.

De-Smudge the Windows

By the end of summer, your windows probably need special attention. Summer winds and rain can leave your windows dusty and streaked, and the space between your window and the screen is where bugs go to die in the summer. Sometimes, a little Windex is all you need to revive your windows, but now is a good time to address the whole space. Wipe down the ledges of the windows, the trim, and the window seals to remove dust. You may also need to take your screens out to give them a good wash as dust can get trapped there as well. Vacuum the space around your window and in-between the panes to clear the area of dead bugs or other debris. Finish up by washing the inside and outside of the windows.

Inspect Your HVAC

You may need to replace your furnace filter. This can help the air inside your home smell fresh. It’s also a good idea to get the system checked before turning on the heat. It’s better to find any issues in advance so you can address them before potential buyers encounter them.

Set the Mood with the Scents of Fall

Finalize your autumn makeover with fall-inspired scents. Caramel, pumpkin, apple… Be careful not to overdo it as not everyone loves the same scents and anything too strong can give some people headaches, but light notes of fall in the air can be fresh and inviting. You can achieve this via a candle or two, better yet, you can bake something like homemade apple pie and leave it out for potential buyers!