How Does Saved Listings Work?

To save a listing to your list of favorites, click into the listing you're interested in and simply click the "Save Listing" button from the listing details page.

You have now saved your listing!

To view your saved listings, click on the top " Saved Listings" link at the top of the screen near the menu. Save as many as you want and catalog them with this easy-to-use feature!

This feature works by storing an HTTP cookie on your machine to store and retrieve your list of favorites. To clear all favorite listings, simply clear out your browser's cookies (under the browser's settings).

Real Estate Tips

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Move In Checklist: 8 Tips for New Homeowners

Sanitize Your New Home

Start with a clean slate! It’s likely that the seller put a lot of work into cleaning the home during the selling process, but it’s still smart to go over everything with a good scrub. Start at the top, dusting ceiling fans and the tops of doors and entryways then make your way down to the bottom, eventually mopping the floors and wiping down the baseboards.


Locate the Main Water Shutoff Valve

Water from a burst pipe can spew gallons of water into your home in minutes, soaking drywall, flooring, and valuables. In fact, water damage is one of the most common home insurance claims.

Before disaster hits, locate your water shutoff valve. Make sure everyone knows where it is and how to shut it off. A little oil on the valve stem makes sure it'll work when you need it to.


Check Vents and Replace Air Filters

Make sure all vents are dust free and unblocked and replace all air filters. These two steps can improve air quality and reduce energy costs.


Update Your Address

First, update your address with the USPS so all of your mail can be forwarded to your new address. Next, to speed up the process for extra important mail, contact the sender directly to update your address. Be sure to reach out to your employer, credit card and insurance companies, your bank, and your doctor’s office. If you are a student or are paying student loans, make sure to update those addresses as well.


Check the Slope of the Foundation

The ground around your foundation should slope away from the house at least 6 inches over 10 feet to make sure that water doesn't soak the soil around your foundation walls. This builds up pressure that can cause leaks and crack your foundation, leading to expensive repairs. This kind of water damage doesn't happen overnight - it's accumulative - so the sooner you address it, the better.


Look for New Homeowner Discounts

While homeowners insurance is not a legal requirement like car insurance, if you’re financing your home your mortgage lender will likely require homeowners insurance. While you’re at it, check in on your other insurance policies to see what discounts are available to new homeowners.

Additionally, there may be new savings options available through your cable or internet provider, and stores like Lowe’s, Crate & Barrel, and Bed, Bath, & Beyond sometimes offer special discounts to new homeowners.


Keep Your Home Improvement Receipts

Speaking of Lowe’s, these receipts and proof of work can come in handy when filing your taxes or when you’re ready to sell the house.


Get to Know Your Neighbors!

A friendly relationship with the people you may live beside for years to come has many mutual benefits and can really make all the difference!